Welcome to Los Olivos Mexican Patio. Family owned and operated, housed in a charming structure with a unique architectural character, our old-town location was originally built many years ago by our grandfather, Tomas Corral.

Our Family

The Corral Family left their native Mexico for America in 1919 because our grandmother Cecilia Corral, did not want her sons working in the mines of Mexico. Many old-timers will remember the building as the home of a bakery, tavern, pool parlor and even a chapel at one time.

Combining their native talents, the second generation of the Corral Family has brought Los Olivos from a little adobe eating spot to its present critically acclaimed dining establishment in Scottsdale.

Our talented family members have worked together for years. An uncle designed and crafted the unique Spanish style chandeliers, cousins enthusiastically greet you and wait on tables, daughters and sons now manage and keep the books.

The third generation of Corrals is making margaritas behind the bar, serving spicy hot dishes, and an old friend is still back there rolling fresh flour tortillas. The Corral Family is proud of their tradition of good food, a warm and friendly atmosphere, and excellent service.

We hope you will agree that this tradition has been maintained, and remember "Esta es su casa y vuelvan pronto" (This is your home, please return soon).

Your Hosts,

The Corral Family